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With Child is dedicated to preserving the life of children from the time of conception. We recognize each woman in a crisis pregnancy as a human being, deserving compassion as she searches for direction. It is our goal to provide tangible and visible evidence of love through a supportive continuum of care while we counsel, educate, and assist her in making informed decisions.


Though our mission remains the same, our tactics and practices must develop to meet the societal changes. The area we are in is very high in unplanned pregnancy in Maricopa County. We desire to stay in the area, remaining a hub for resource for the community. As teen mothers age, their need for quality parenting education grows along with the need for low-cost or free resources.


We have changed our scope and practice to cover this need with a focus on our Earn While You Learn Program for parenting. In this program, we offer free parenting education with a reward system, in order to help parents earn baby and maternity clothing and other necessities. As fewer domestic adoptions are taking place, the need to collaborate with other agencies grows in order to assist families in their quest to adopt, as does the need to strengthen our adoption support with potential birth families.